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Before coming to Japan

  1. Receiving Your Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Moving to Japan Checklist

Arriving in Japan

  1. Arriving in Fukuoka: A Quick Guide (PDF)
  2. Survival Japanese
  3. Housing in Japan
  4. A guide to the Japanese Residence Card
  5. A guide to getting your personal seal in Japan
  6. A guide to getting your Certificate of Residence
  7. A guide to your “My Number” in Japan
  8. Employee benefits provided in Japan
  9. A guide to banking in Japan
  10. Obtaining a Mobile Phone in Japan
  11. Obtaining Internet in Japan

Living in Japan

  1. A guide on taxes deducted from your salary in Japan
  2. A guide to general Japanese business manners
  3. List of medical facilities in Fukuoka
  4. List of medical facilities in Tokyo
  5. Find what you need in CC2’s very own online marketplace

Meet CC2’s international staff!

  1. Yoann Gueritot, game director
  2. Manuel, programmer trainee
  3. Till Stiehl, localization lead

For more information
TSURU, an informational website for foreigners in Japan
It contains a wide range of information, from National Pension, health insurance, taxes, and government procedures to searching for hospitals and garbage separation. There might be similar information on Japan Life Hacks but be sure to check TSURU for other information too!

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