A guide to your “My Number” in Japan

  1. What is My Number?
  2. Notification Cards
  3. What is on the My Number Card?
  4. How to apply for My Number Card
  5. Receiving My Number Card (Individual Number Card)

I. What is My Number?

My Number is part of the new social infrastructure developments being made in Japan. It improves administrative efficiency, enhances public convenience and realizes a fairer and more just society. A My Number will be issued to all those residing (i.e. those who own a certificate of residence) in Japan.

Your My Number will be required for administrative procedures related to social security, taxation, and disaster response.


II. Notification Card

The Notification Card is a paper card that notifies its recipient of his/her individual My Numbers. It includes your name which is registered at city office, date of birth, gender and My Number (Individual number). However, it does not include your picture so it cannot be use as your ID.

NOTE: The Notification Card can be used to just confirm your My Number. For identity verification, you need to have your passport, driver’s license, etc. besides the Notification Card.

notifcard_1 notifcard_2
Front and back of the Notification Card
Photo credit: https://www.kojinbango-card.go.jp/tsuchicard/


III. What is on the My Number Card?

The My Number Card is a plastic card with an IC chip installed onto it. It includes your name, address, date of birth, gender, My Number (Individual Number) and your picture on it. Other than using your My Number Card as your ID, you can also use it for municipal services, electronic application for e-tax and other various services.

mynumbercard1 mynumbercard2
Front and back of the My Number Card
Photo credit: https://www.kojinbango-card.go.jp/kojinbango/


IV. How To Apply For a My Number Card

There are some ways you can apply for My Number Card: by smart phone, PC, ID photograph booths (!not all photograph booths accept My Number application!), and mailing an application.

Each method and the flow are different. Make sure you understand the procedures and choose a method which suits you best. Please click here for those methods.


V. Receiving My Number Card (Individual Number Card)

It takes about one month for you to receive a Notice of Issuance (postcard) which is a notification from municipalities that they are ready to issue your My Number Card (Individual Number Card). This Notice of Issuance will be delivered to your home. You should then take all documentations you need (listed on Notice of Issuance) and pick your ready My Number Card by the deadline which is listed on Notice of Issuance. The place you receive your card will be described on the Notice of Issuance.

What you should bring:

  • Notice of Issuance (postcard)
  • Notification Card
  • Your ID
  • Basic Resident Registration Card (only for those who own one)

For more information about My Number, please click here.

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