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*available to CC2 staff only

CC2 has opened our very own “Give-and-Take Plaza” in Yammer. Yammer an application that lets you give away your unused items and lets others know with the photos of the item. This system is for those who have just moved to Japan and don’t have much in their homes. It’s also for those who have just graduated from school and have moved to Fukuoka or Tokyo and don’t have it in their budgets to purchase furniture and appliances on top of their daily necessities.

You don’t have to worry about buying stuff right away. Until you get your new life on track, you can get whatever you need from the “Give-and-Take Plaza,” or ask for an item you want from there.

Here are some points to remember when using Yammer

  • Make sure that no exchange of money of any sort occurs (this place is to give items away, not to sell them).
  • You cannot post items that are broken or weathered.
  • If the items need to be delivered and incurs a fee, the person who receives the item needs to pay the delivery fee.
  • Anyone, including part-timers and contractors, can use the “Give-and-Take Plaza”.
  • In order to post items, you must attach a photo(s) of the item(s) you are going to give away.
  • Be polite in your responses to avoid any problems for both parties.

Finally, you can also put out a request for a certain item(s) voluntarily.
*If you have any questions, please contact the General Affairs Dept.

Here is the link to the “Give-and-Take Plaza”:

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