A guide to getting your personal seal in Japan

For living in Japan, instead of writing a signature Japanese people use hanko (personal seal) in many different circumstances, such as when renting a house, buying a car/house, opening a bank account, and more.

  1. Types of hanko/personal seal
  2. Purchasing a hanko
  3. Here are some hanko stores around Hakata and Tenjin.

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I. Types of hanko/personal seal

There are three types of hanko: jitsu-in, ginko-in and mitome-in.

  • Mitome-in (“認印” in Japanese) is a seal of approval. It’s your regular, everyday hanko which you use for everyday things like receiving parcels. A mitome-in is not registered anywhere nor does it have any legal standing.
  • Ginko-in (“銀行印“ in Japanese) is a hanko for bank/financial transactions. You just register your Ginko-in with your bank(s). (OPTIONAL) Your mitome-in may also double as a ginko-in.
  • Jitsu-in (“実印” in Japanese) has the strongest legal power of the three. They generally take longer to make and must be registered it at your city/ward office. You would use a jitsu-in when you buy a house/car, setting up a company; or when you sign a legally binding contract.

II. Purchasing a hanko

To purchase your personal seal, there are two ways of getting it: ordering through the internet or going to a seal store.

Your personal seal must include either your full name, your last name or just your first name and need to be engraved with either katakana or Roman alphabet. So, if you are from outside Japan and your name is not Japanese, your name must be engraved with either katakana or Roman alphabet based on your request (last name/first name/full name).

For more details about hanko, click here!

You can order your hanko from these links:


III. Here are some hanko stores around Hakata and Tenjin.

Hankoyasan21 (はんこ屋さん21)
Address: 2-1-18 Toko, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-477-7744
Hours: (Mon. to Fri.) 10:00-19:00, (Sat.) 10:00-17:00
Closed: Sun., hol., before/after New Year
Price: Akane (a common wood used for Inkan) 10.5 mm: \3,099~
Access: 9 min. on foot from Hakata Sta.
Website: https://www.hanko21.co.jp/shop/search.html?offset=0&limit=20&search=福岡県+福岡市

Inoue Kansai Do (井上関西堂)
Address: 2-11-19 Hakataeki-minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-473-6866
Hours: 8:30-19:30
Closed: Sun. and hol.
Access: 12 min. on foot from Hakata Sta.

Hakukodo Indo, Ekimae Main Store (博古堂印房)
Address: 3-26-10 Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-471-0719
Hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Sat., Sun. & hol.
Access: 5 min. on foot from Hakata Sta.
Payment: Cash only
Website: https://hakkodo.on.omisenomikata.jp/

MISTER MINIT (Yodobashi Camera)
Address: 1F Yodobashi Hakata Bldg., 6-12 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-292-6520
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Payment: Cash, credit card, e-money
Access: Near Otoha Park exit
Website: https://www.minit.co.jp/shopsearch/detail/1066/
*Same-day orders okay!

MISTER MINIT (Hakata Sta.)
Address: 1-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-483-4192
Hours: (Mon. to Fri.) 10:00-20:00, (Sat.) 10:00-19:00, (Sun. & hol.) 10:00-18:00
Payment: Cash, credit card, e-money
Access: City subway ticket gate area in Hakata-guchi Exit
Website: https://www.minit.co.jp/shopsearch/detail/831/
*Same-day orders okay!

Yasuda Inshoten (安田印章店)
Address: 4-8-12 Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Tel.: 092-474-1710
Access: 8 min. on foot from Hakata Sta.

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