■Let’s Play & Video Upload Guidelines for CC2-Published Titles

CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd. (Main Office: 1-5-1-10F Hakaekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, CEO: Hiroshi Matsuyama) is happy to present its guidelines regarding the use of its self-published titles for Let’s Plays and/or the uploading of video content featuring said titles. These guidelines shall remain consistent worldwide.

<Title in Question *As of April 27th, 2023>
Fuga: Melodies of Steel
Fuga: Melodies of Steel2

■Let’s Plays & Video Uploads

The use of CyberConnect2’s titles in the form of Let’s Plays and/or other forms of video uploads shall be permitted without prior notice, regardless of the user being an individual or a business, for-profit or non-profit entity, in so much that they do not come into conflict with any of the conditions described below. Furthermore, use of any and all aspects of said title shall also be permitted.

[Prohibited Content Regarding Let’s Plays and/or Other Video Uploads]

  1. Any content that deviates from and would seek to damage CC2 and its game’s image.
  2. Any content that would infringe upon or harm the rights of others, or have the potential to do so.
  3. Any lewd, violent, or other content that goes against commonly established morals and principals.
  4. Using CC2 and/or its game for any purpose that is not a Let’s Play or of its like, such as for promoting political, religious, other forms of beliefs.
  5. Any content that seeks to release undisclosed internal game data to the public.
  6. Any activities such as falsely misrepresenting oneself as CC2 and/or its official affiliate.
  7. Any content that would contain instances of libel, slander, or any other forms of defamation.


  1. These guidelines do not include titles in which CC2 has acted as the developer for. Please confirm the guidelines established for such titles with their publishing firm.
  2. These guidelines are subject to change. Please make sure to confirm the latest guideline contents before uploading.
  3. Regarding the monetization of YouTube contents
    Soundtracks to our games are released roughly one year after the game’s release date.
    Whether you choose to turn monetization on or not is not our concern, but it should be noted that if monetization is set to “on” after the soundtrack’s release date, there is a possibility that a copyright claim will be filed by the soundtrack’s publishers, causing the video to become demonetized. CC2 will not be responsible for, nor respond to any inquiries in such instances.