We have what we refer to as a “conglomeration of unique talents,” one in which we can go through an entire game’s production. We start from with the idea phase and cover system layouts, programming, design, and even sound production. That is what CyberConnect2 is all about.

This unique system that was born to support our development acts as the backbone for our game production and allows our staff to engage in doing what they do best every day: Create.


To create means to communicate

The ultimate goal of CyberConnect2 is to create games that are fun and interesting, and doing so requires a full team effort, regardless of how talented the team members might be. It’s impossible to create the games we do off of the talents of just one individual if that person lacks the skills to communicate in a team.

  • Staying Overnight is Prohibited​

    All staff come in to work every morning and work on development through proper and thorough communication. Staff are also not allowed to stay and work overnight to prevent unhealthy practices and illnesses.

  • CC2’s Tri-Factor Structure

    CyberConnect2 has adopted a bottom-up format for our organization’s structure, which we refer to as the “tri-factor” system (see left image). By creating a “safe” environment for exchanging opinions, we are able to more efficiently acquire information without being blocked by concepts like rank or experience. Another positive side to this structure is that it creates a solid balance for managers so that they alone aren’t being over-burdened.

  • In-house Game Idea Contest

    Personal Project Submission​

    A competition in which all employees can participate, regardless of their experience, and a way to showcase to everyone the game ideas that they want to do. The game proposals are evaluated by all of the staff. If the idea passes the assessment, it will be turned into the next game project! This initiative aims to improve the employees’ ability to hone their own planning skills as well as their ability to make precise evaluations.

  • Incentive (bonus) system


    When titles released generate profit, staff will be evaluated based on their contribution to the projects. This incentive system gives bonus payments based on their evaluation.

  • Internship


    This is an initiative for students who are learning to become game creators so they can experience game production at a game company. A chance to study the workplace atmosphere, attitude one should have while working, and know-hows as game creators.

  • Company tours


    We offer tours of the CyberConnect2 offices for those who are aiming to become game creators in the future. These tours are usually held once a month. Rather than considering the negative part in which “there might not be much to show visitors at the site of game production because we cannot show confidential information,” our priority is to show people the reality of game production and development. The purpose of this program is to help those who want to be game creators to have a clear vision of what it’s like to be one.

    * If you wish to join a company tour, please contact our office through your school representative.

  • School lectures・Company lectures​

    ESchool lectures_Company lectures​

    Giving over 100 lectures a year!​ Enlightening “students aiming to be creators” as well as ​“primary ~ high schoolers” and “working adults” about the “Gaming Industry”​

  • Event and Contest Judge​


    Actively accept judge offers for various contests ​in the aim of supporting the growth and education​ of people in the entertainment industry!​

    We have participated in God-tier Game Creator Evolution, DA-TE APPs!, Game Creators Guild, QUNIE Manga Grand Prix, and more.