Creating a stress-free environment is essential for game development. We collaborate on game development from three locations: Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka.

  • Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka:​
    Strengthening the Connection​ Between the Three Studios​


    Rather than having each base of operation focus on a different project, ​all three will work to develop games together.​ Regardless of your location, there are opportunities available. There are no limits to promotions or assignments to important positions based on location.

  • One Floor Development Space​


    An open floor that allows for visual contact and easy communication.

  • Height Adjustable Desks​


    Enhance productivity with a height that suits you. Adjust with just a finger using a lever under the desk!​​

  • Subscription Magazines​・Library​


    Over 60/month of Information・​Skill・Manga magazines available.
    Blu-rays&DVDs of various movies and animes​ Approx 9,000​.
    Manga materials of many genres​ Approx 5,000 books​.
    Game software from classics to the newest​ Approx 2,100​​.

  • High-speed LAN・​Communication Tools​

    In-house networks built with high-speed LAN allows for smooth communication no matter what site you are on.​

  • The Operations Dep. ​
    supports the Development Dep. ​

    10% of our 250 employees work in the Operations Dep. which includes General Affairs, Accounting, HR, Planning, Advertising, PR, and Tech Support.​
    ・Prep. of internal events​
    ・General Affairs duties​
    ・Event planning​
    ・Design planning​
    ・Company briefing sessions​
    ・Secretarial duties​
    ・Advertisement, merch sales​
    ・PC setup
    ・Security measures​