• Tri-factor formation

    -Exchanging opinions among three person class.It makes collecting opinions more efficient.-Task reduction for managers.

  • No stay all night at the company

    – Have more communication.- Health is a top priority.

  • idea competition

    Every staff join making their own ideas for games,and review every idea with all the staff.- Improvement of staff’s ability."Planning ability"&"Judgment ability"

  • Special director

    – The selection criterion for it is the passion for the title. – Special director gets the authority to judge and decide the direction of the title.

  • Let’s play games at CC2!

    – Buy game softwares and study and analyze to get market properties, techniques and services from it.

  • Incentive bonus

    – Evaluate the contribution to the title that yields profit, and pay the incentive bonus based on the evaluation.

  • Internship

    – Work opportunities for the students who want to be game creators.The place to learn know-how from the professional development environment.

  • Company tour

    – Company tour for the people who want to be game creators to let them know the actual development spot.