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Before coming to Japan

  1. Receiving Your Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Moving to Japan Checklist

Day 1 onwards!

  1. Arriving in Fukuoka: A Quick Guide (PDF)
  2. Survival Japanese
  3. Housing in Japan
  4. A guide to the Japanese Residence Card
  5. A guide to getting your personal seal in Japan
  6. A guide to getting your Certificate of Residence
  7. A guide to your “My Number” in Japan
  8. Employee benefits provided in Japan
  9. A guide to banking in Japan
  10. Obtaining a Mobile Phone in Japan
  11. Obtaining Internet in Japan
  12. A guide on taxes deducted from your salary in Japan
  13. A guide to general Japanese business manners
  14. List of medical facilities in Fukuoka
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