With the global development of Fuga, the first self-published game in the Trilogy of Vengeance series, the developer of the NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja and .hack video game series, CyberConnect2, is currently recruiting a wide range of talent from around the world, both inside and outside of Japan.
In order to reinforce our search for worldwide talent, we have devised a "Hiring Worldwide!" plan, whereby our representative, Hiroshi Matsuyama, will be visiting different schools in many different countries, and holding seminars and lectures about CyberConnect2 to those students who aim to become game creators.
We are open to requests for visitations from schools in the cities we plan to travel to. In addition, we are holding consultations for any of you out there who have experience in video game development, and have an interest in working at CyberConnect2.
For those who would like to request a visitation, please apply via our request form.

The CyberConnect2 Global Tour Itinerary

We will visit schools according to the schedule below.


Schedule Visitation Locations
22st April ~ 25th April 2019Montreal, Canada
8th May ~ 10th May 2019Montreal, Canada
9th June ~ 13th June 2019Los Angeles, USA
3rd July ~ 7th July 2019Los Angeles, USA
4th July ~ 7th July 2019Paris, France
20th August ~ 24th August 2019Cologne, Germany
20th August ~ 24th August 2019Frankfurt, Germany

Countries we plan to visit

We plan on making trips to Taiwan, USA, Canada, France and Germany.

  • *Our schedule will be adjusted and updated as needed.
  • *Click here to request a visit to your area.

Requests for School Visitations and Consultations for Candidates with Experience in Video Game Development

As CyberConnect2, we plan to visit schools around the world that boast students aspiring to become game creators. There we will give an informational presentation about our company. For those interested please take a look at our planned schedule above. We are also taking visitation requests, and ask any interested schools to fill out the form below. In addition, experienced game developers may request a consultation.

  • *We will always endeavor to see your request fulfilled, but please be aware we may not be able to meet all requests. We apologize and ask for your understanding.
  • *Please make sure that any individuals or students interested in a visit by our company consult with staff members beforehand, and make an application through the school administration.

Requirements for Participation

  • Staff members of schools which have the following courses pertaining to, as well as students aiming for, the following positions:
    • Game Designer
    • Level Designer
    • Environment Modeler
    • VFX Artist
    • Character Modeler
    • Character Animator
    • Cinematic Animator
    • Interface Designer
    • Technical Artist
    • Game Programmer
    • Technical Programmer
  • Individuals with experience in video game development who have an interest in working at CyberConnect2

Request Form for Visitations

Details and Inquiries Regarding the Recruitment Process

For information on recruitment and applications to CyberConnect2, please check the site below.

For inquiries on employment at CyberConnect2, please fill out the following form.

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