No Experience Required! Get Involved With Game Development!Now Recruiting Translators & Linguistic Testers
CyberConnect2 is looking for translators and linguistics testers, no matter their level of experience, to help out with our self-publishing titles, such as Fuga: Melodies of Steel.
You can apply even if you have no experience!Join us to localize our games!

Message from President and CEO, Hiroshi Matsuyama

We would like to work with people who have a love
for CyberConnect2 and our titles.

CyberConnect2, who has worked on titles like the .hack series, the NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, is actually working on their first self-published game Fuga: Melodies of Steel.
Up until now, for most of our titles, the translation and linguistic tests were handled by the publisher. However, for our self-published titles, we are looking to work directly with people who have a love of Japanese games, anime and manga, and a love of CyberConnect2’s works. In short, people who want to work on what they love.

In accordance with this, whether you are a pro or amateur, we are currently recruiting translators and linguistic testers to help with the localization work.
We're looking to receive applications from those of you who have a love and passion for games, anime and manga content, and would like to get involved with localization. If you also have interest in our titles, we would definitely love to hearing from you!

Let’s make some great original content that people all over the world can enjoy together!

Employment Info
  • Fuga: Melodies of Steel
  • Other titles that we plan to self-publish
*All work will solely be related to our self-published titles, and there will be no involvement with our other titles.
Recruiting Positions

[1] Translation

Work content

  • Translation from English to German (Germany) or Korean
You will be working on CyberConnect2 self-published titles as a translator.

Type of contract

Subcontract (outsourcing contract)


Will be decided upon after consultation.


Will be decided on after consultations.
  • At home (remote working)
  • Fukuoka HQ (Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Hakata-eki-mae, 1-5-1, Hakata Taihakudori Building 11f).
  • Tokyo Studio (Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Ooi-machi, 1 Chou-me, 47-1 NT Building 6f).

Working hours

Open to consultations


  • Native in German (Germany) or Korean, and can translate from English into German (Germany) or Korean
  • Can communicate in English.
  • Familiar and can use the general functions of Microsoft Excel.
  • Likes Japanese games, anime and/or manga.
  • Interest in CyberConnect2's work.
  • Can read Japanese.
  • Has experience working in the game development industry.
  • Has experience working in the entertainment industry (games, anime, manga, etc.).
  • Resides in Japan.
Recruitment Flow

Application,Inspection of application documents,Translation test,Interview,Conducting of contract

Application,Inspection of application documents,Translation test,Interview,Conducting of contract

  • We will inform you of the results of your application.
  • We will send a translation test via email for those who apply from the "Entry Form".
  • We will hold an interview via video call with programs such as Zoom, etc.
How to Apply Please prepare the following items as data, and fill out the "Entry Form."
  • Resume
  • Application Survey(PDF) [1] For Translation
    *Please download the form.
    *Fill out the survey and send the completed form with your resume.

Entry Form

About Fuga: Melodies of Steel

CyberConnect2’s first to be self-published title, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, is a dramatic RPG about war and revenge. It is currently in the midst of development, and is the latest title in the Little Tail Bronx game series that includes Tail Concerto and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

Check out the NEXT PLAN website for more details!

Please fill out the following form for any inquiries regarding this opportunity.

Inquiring Regarding Recruitment