Action Game for SmartPhone "Shadow Escaper"

Humans were living in a realm between Paradise and Hell.
With doomsday approaching the Paradise lands drew ever closer,
and the flying birds could almost reach it with only a single flap of their wings.

However, at the same time Hell began to emerge from the abyss and glimpses of it became visible in the human world.
The distance between Humans, Gods, and Demons was becoming closer every day.
The Gods’ and Demons’ power competed with each other, and in the night time when the light didn’t fall, the Demons stalked the earth.

Around the same time, humans began to be born with the power of the Gods or the Demons.
However, they weren’t born choosing their own destiny.
From their birth, they are merely human children that are burdened with the destiny of the Gods or the Demons.

They are night dwellers.
Escape from the light, daytime fugitives.