Action Game for SmartPhone "Shadow Escaper"

*During the Raid Event, Survival Rankings will not be held.

How to find bosses?

During the Raid Event period, red “Raid Gems” will appear in Escaper Mode!
Collect them and Raid Bosses will appear!
Check your appeared bosses and bosses actually fought by your teammates in the Event Menu!

*You can only get one Raid Gem in a single play.
*Allies that launched the app recently will primarily be selected for the team. Other users with close abilities will be matched randomly to form a team of 9.

What is the difference between a Raid Boss and a Special Boss?スペシャルボス

Suppress a certain number of Raid Bosses and a Special Boss will appear.
Special Bosses have more HP and have better Suppression Rewards.
You do not need to collect “Raid Gems” to encounter Special Bosses.

What are Suppression Rewards and Raid Points?

Suppress Raid Bosses or Special Bosses to earn Suppression Rewards.

Apart from the Suppression Rewards, you will also get Raid Points.
After the Raid Event period, you will get Event Rewards according the collected Raid Points.

You can challenge the same boss multiple times during its appearence time. The damage will pill up, so do not give up and stand up against them! Cooperate with your teammates and get more rewards!