“Neptunia” Collaboration Event 2nd Round Start

Thank you for playing Shadow Escaper.
We are happy to announce that the time-limited "Neptunia" Collaboration Event has started.

[2nd Round]
8/6, 17:00 to 8/11, 08:00(PDT)
*You can retrieve the rewards only till 8/13, 17:00.(PDT)

8/13 17:00 to 8/18 08:00(PDT)
*You can retrieve the rewards only till 8/20, 17:00.(PDT)

Suddenly, a dimensional distortion appears, and out pops a girl calling herself Purple Heart—CPU of Gamindustri!

She asks Al and Lili for their help in defeating the Deity of Sin, Arfoire.

Join up with your new ally and stop Arfoire with the strength of the Shadow Escapers!

In this unique event, you will be facing off against characters from the "Neptunia" series as Raid Bosses. Defeat them to get "Purple Heart" as a reward!

Go then to the Costume Shop, and use it to unlock the exclusive time-limited "Purple Heart" costume, and increase your jump distance with it!
*You can upgrade it up to rank 5.

Don't miss this one-time opportunity and play in the event!

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