[Mid-career Recruitment]Interpreters/Translators (Fukuoka Main Office)


Description of the department

Interpreters/Translators hiring this time will belong to the “Translation Team” at the main office in Fukuoka, Japan.
They will work on facilitating communication and will be part of a unique group of members who love entertainment.

Rewarding work for translators and interpreters

There are staff from around world working at CyberConnect2. We, the Translation Team, work closely with them to ensure smooth communication.
When communication between Japanese and international staff went smoothly in game development by supporting them or when we see them playing games and having fun together, we feel rewarding towards this job.
Since this team involves with many different departments, you’ll be able to discover and experience new things everyday!
Don’t worry about your work at the beginning, we are going to support you learn how to proceed your work along the way.


・Native fluency in Japanese and English
・Ability to communicate smoothly with people in various positions
・Strong interest for video games, anime, manga, and various entertainment
・Ability to work proactively
・Ability to work in a cooperative and team-oriented manner

Application Information

Profession Interpreters/Translators
Work Details Internal and external interpretation and translation duties
・Interpretation Japanese⇔ English (French if possible)
Interpret meetings and events related to recruitment
(e.g.: recruitment seminars, networking events, job fairs, etc.)
・Translation Japanese⇔English (French if possible)
Translate documents, chats, e-mails, social media posts, etc.
・Act as a mediator to facilitate communication between staff
・Assist and support foreign employees with their relocation
・Attend to the Board of Directors’ overseas business trips
Work Location [Fukuoka Main Office]
1-5-1-10F, Hakataekimae, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan
Qualification Requirement ・High school diploma
・Native fluency (or at least business level) in English and Japanese
・Strong working knowledge of MS Office
・Strong interest for video games, manga, anime, and various entertainment
・Ability to communicate with people from various positions and background 
・Have experience in interpretation・translation (preferrable)
Preferrable experience・ability
・Work experience in game development or CG production

Working Conditions

Please click here

Required documents

Please prepare the following documents and apply from the application form.
Furthermore, your documentation must be written in Japanese.

Resume Attach ID photo
Curriculum Vitae Any format is acceptable
Application Questionnaire Please answer the following questionnaire.
※We recommend using 「Adobe Acrobat Reader(Free)」.

<A request for naming the file・folder>
・Please include your full name in the file name of your resume, CV, questionnaire and folder.

 Ex.)Reseme_yourname.pdf etc.
※Please note that your documents will not be returned.

Apply for job

Please apply from the application form below.(Recommended)

■Send to
1-5-1-10F, Hakataekimae, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan
Recruitment Section, Human Resources Office, CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd

■Click [FAQ *Japanese] for questions regarding recruitment.

※ Your application will be kept confidential.
※ Personal information used for application will only be used for recruitment, and it will not be used for any other purposes, transferred or disclosed to any third party.

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