Game System

A Unique Battle System

Battle Fundamentals

Strategy is the key!
Players will need to keep track of turn order! The Taranis possesses 3 types of weapons, and attacking enemies with a weapon type that they are weak against will delay their turn. By continually delaying enemy turns, players can effectively create 1-sided battles for themselves!

Use your characters wisely!

By editing the formation, players can swap character arrangements and attack turns. Thinking and planning ahead are the fundamentals of strategy!

Gain the upper hand by using a variety of skills!

The children have an abundance of skills at their disposal, including group and ailment-afflicting attacks!

There’s a Workshop, Messroom, Scrap Fishing, and... Farming!?
 Prepare for Battle with Fuga’s Intermission Phase!

The children live their lives onboard the Taranis. During the Intermission phase of the game, players take control of one of the children and can move around the Tanaris, conversing and raising that character’s affinity with other members of the crew. Players can also utilize the Taranis’ various facilities to upgrade the tank or augment the stats of allies to prepare for future battles! Talking to children or using facilities will consume Action Points (AP).

Workshop & Scrap Fishing

Messroom & Farming

The Ultimate Weapon: Soul Cannon

The Soul Cannon is activated when the children find themselves in a crisis during battle. It can take out any adversary in a single, powerful blow, but at what cost...? Whether you use this double-edged sword or not is up to you...

Strategize wisely and aim for the true ending!

If you choose to not use the Soul Cannon and get wiped out, a retry menu will appear. Face your enemies again and aim for victory! Can you save everyone without relying on the fearsome power of the Soul Cannon? The decision is in your hands...

Strengthen your bonds with friends & gain advantages in battle!

Link Events & Link Attacks

Each child has an “Affinity” with the other children, which can be raised during the Intermission when they interact with each other. These interactions can lead to “Link Events”. Raise their affinity high enough and they’ll be able to use “Link Attacks” in battle!
Children with high affinities will also have higher support effects so be sure to pair them up!

Notebook & Hero Mode

During the Intermission, you can check the Notebook to grant the children’s wishes, which improves their mood.
As their mood gradually increases in battle and reaches maximum, this will activate hero mode!
Each child has a special hero mode skill that can change the course of battle!

Disembark from the Taranis to Go on Expeditions!

Over the course of the game, the children will discover ancient ruins! With a toy gun for protection from what lurks within, select and send in 3 crew members to explore, evade traps, and find treasure!

Route Map: Choose How You Want to Play

Route Map

On the route map, players will encounter various node icons, such as for battles, intermission, and expeditions. Furthermore, paths will fork into other paths with varying levels of difficulty: easy, standard, and challenging. The harder the path you choose, the better the rewards you’ll receive, but watch out! These are not for the faint of heart! Which path will you take towards victory? The choice is yours.

Between chapters, players can stop at nearby villages.

- Market
Players can trade in items obtained from scrap fishing or from expeditions for higher level items!

- Comic Pages
By speaking with the locals of a village, players can receive items, ingredients, and even comic pages! The comics represent an on-going, serialized manga, and can be acquired from each village. Try collecting them all!

Uncover the Hidden Truths of FUGA: MELODIES OF STEEL

Mysteries are scattered throughout the game, including in the story and game systems. The more you unravel, the more the truth will become shockingly clear... But uncovering all of them is no easy feat. Here are several mysteries that you can find!!

◇The mystery of the voice from the radio
Who is the real identity behind the mysterious voice looking after the children and coming from a radio…?

◇The mystery of the girl who appears in the tank
A ghost-like figure of a girl appears from time to time inside the Taranis. Why does she tell the children to stop fighting…?

◇The mystery surrounding the Berman Army
The Berman Reports are a collection of accounts from the perspective of the Berman Army. Peek into what goes on behind the scenes of the enemy forces…