NUNS Generations Kagemusha Drill: Evading Long Distance Jutsus

2nd May update: Low resolution vid now available too

Greeting, Ninjas ! Nice to meet you.
I’m “Kagemusha”, a member CyberConnect2′s Anbu Black Ops.

I’ve catched some voices that you are struggling in the Network Battle.

So, “greeding” ninjas, here I am, to give you advices and battle tips in this “Battle Drill” !!

Our first lesson will be: “Evading Continual Jutsus”

Firstly, on what type of Jutsu are you, fighters, mostly in trouble?
Jutsus are classified in these 3 types: “Distant type Jutsu”, “Medium-range type Jutsu” and “Short-range type Jutsu”.
Here are the major characters:

Distant type Jutsu” major characters:
- Young Tenten
- The Third Tsuchikage: Onoki
- Ino
- Young Gaara

**Medium-range type Jutsu ” major characters:
- Masked Man
- Kabuto
- Kiba
- The Fourth Raikege

**A Short-range type Jutsu ” major characters:
- Neji
- Hinata
- Pein
- Karin

I believe the toughest ones are usually Distant type & Midium-range type Justu users.
Therefore, on this blog I will give you a lecture on how to evade “Distant type Jutsu” and ” Medium-range type Jutsu “.

High Resolution version

Low Resolution version

*In this video we used PS3 version of NUNS Generations, and chose “Naruto Uzumaki Tailed Beast Chakra Mode awakening mode” for the player character.

To be continued…