“Six” Generations

*From CyberConnect 2 Official “Naruto Ultimate Series” Staff Blog Hello ! I’m Ryuta Yazawa, a Localization Specialist of CyberConnect 2 ! This time I will try to talk about “Localization” for “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations”. On this title I was responsible of manage the Localization to English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. This …Read More


CC2 Store in Akihabara “Kotobukiya” !!

Wazzup guyz !! How’s your Network Battle going on? We have good news for those people that are planning to visit Tokyo, or for those who already live in Tokyo !! CC2 STORE in Akihabara “Kotobukiya” ! On April 28th 2012, “CC2 STORE in Akihabara” is finally opened !! What you can find in this …Read More


NUNS Generations Kagemusha Drill: Evading Long Distance Jutsus

2nd May update: Low resolution vid now available too Greeting, Ninjas ! Nice to meet you. I’m “Kagemusha”, a member CyberConnect2′s Anbu Black Ops. I’ve catched some voices that you are struggling in the Network Battle. So, “greeding” ninjas, here I am, to give you advices and battle tips in this “Battle Drill” !! Our …Read More